The new JPEG9 features:

Lossless compressed JPEGs

All lossless compressed JPEGs are displayed with an icon:

Any supported file format can be saved as a JPEG9 with lossless compression:

JPEG lossless compressed pictures can be easily sorted:

The lossless compression is an additional property of the standard JPEG format. With this setting, any standard JPEG can be saved as lossless compressed JPEG9:

Copy&Paste Bitmaps in the clip board as JPEG9:

Block scaling

Resizing supports high quality JPEG block scaling from 12.5% to 200%:

The zoomed image is a block scaled JPEG indicated by a 'JPEG' icon:


Lossless crop with automatic alignment to the block gird:

Lossless crop for panoramic pictures or any other segmentation:

Lossless Rotate, Mirror and Transverse//Transpose (mirror on the diagonal):